Posted on Sep 6, 2012


Screwed over and all alone
No way back and far from home
No money and a fine to pay
This girl is having a bad day

Deserted by a friend she’s been
Left out for the gulls to clean
Stranded with no help forthcoming
To make it worse it’s raining

She just wants home in a warm bed
Why astray was she led?
Down on the coast like a fool
Feeling ashamed at breaking the rules

But hours pass and she starts to relax
Being by the sea has its impact
Calm comes over her in waves
Her anger begins to fade

Disappointment is what is left
It’s like there’s been a death
As this chapter draws to a close
Another may open to continue the flow

It’s just a shame it came to this
That this would be the final twist
But maybe all for the best
Her life may now be blessed

Posted in: Poetry