Posted on Aug 29, 2012


Welcome to the world little one
Let’s hope it’s filled with fun
And all happy things for you to enjoy
I’m sure you’ll get loads of toys

I wish for you good things all
Someone to pick you up if you fall
That when you grow you’ll be wise and strong
That nothing will ever go wrong

I hope you reach for the stars
Fulfilling your dreams and going far
That nothing for you is out of reach
That when you get there, lessons you’ll teach

Above all I wish you love from my heart
You’re born into a world lost, your start
It’s not your fault so times will be hard
But I’m sure you’ve been dealt amazing cards

So again I welcome you to our world
Floating in space and time in which you’re held
You’re a part of something big
But small also, you’ll learn all the tricks

Posted in: Poetry