From The Front

Posted on Aug 22, 2012


I write this letter to you
My beloved, where my heart is true
To tell you that I love you so
I wish I was with you, holding you close

Instead I sit in a trench of war
Wondering what I am fighting for
The Somme my battlefield, hell it is
Oh god right now it’s you I miss

A patchwork of scars litters the fields
This once beautiful place where many are killed
A boy only yesterday of fifteen went over
Shaking with fear he ran screaming for mother

A bullet took him within seconds
His short days numbered by fate I reckoned
For there’s no god here keeping watch
Only the Devil and the Reaper do here lodge

They bide their time to collect our souls
Gambled away by our leaders they sold
So here we sitting biding our time
This war against humanity a horrific crime

My time to go over is nearly here
I hold you in my heart ever so clear
For I fear no evil with you in my mind
You are the best of our kind

I fight not for government or King
Only you and those I love, for peace to bring
God if you could here the screams and the fear
You would see what is happening to us my dear

Pray if you wish in a God I’ve long lost
But believe in me, I’ll fight like mad at a cost
Just to be with you again I hope
So then we can run free and elope

But if I should die here and now
Please don’t grieve for me anyhow
Please live your life and be as happy as you can
For it was fate, destiny’s plan

Marry, have kids, be cared for and loved
Be with someone you can trust
Never forget I’ll love you always
Forever until the end of days

My sergeant has just come, says it’s time
Over this trench I ready to climb
You in my heart, I carry my faith
Let’s hope it doesn’t me betray

Farewell my love


The Somme
October 30th 1916

*For those that fought in the Battle of the Somme and other battles of WWI

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