Posted on Aug 22, 2012


In front of a screen all day
Then home on the sofa to lay
Unwinding from all the stress
Today was just a mess

Tired and bored of it all
Her boss and some others full of bull
The same old cycle plays again
Going to work on the defence

Then she loses needed contact
From her loved ones, time she lacks
All she has is her screen and phone
It’s no wonder she feels alone

She’s taken to social networking
As more and more she stays in
Losing the real social life
She craves for but stuck inside

All her friends married or busy
Down the social pole she slides so greasy
Part self-imposed prisoner she hopes to be free
So much of the world she longs to see

That missed contact she wants so much
With real human beings who bear no grudge
Those that smile, play and listen
These she needs as her eyes glisten

Posted in: Poetry