A Perfect Day

Posted on Jul 22, 2012


Walking through this harbour town
On a hot summers day
In this beauty he could drown
Where he wants to finally lay

Boats a-bobbing calming in the harbour
Some tied down awaiting people
And of course their captain and master
Who’ll take them out to catch their haul

A fisherman sits by the dockyard
Drinking coffee and fixing his nets
This man has worked very hard
All of his life but earned pennies yet

Gulls fly overhead squawking their joy
As tourists flock under their gaze
Watching for scraps their ploy
The tourists walk by unfazed

This small little town with pubs galore
Line it maze like streets
Where a friendly people you couldn’t wish for more
Who happily smile and chat when you meet

Smells from fish and chips waft over to his nose
Stomach rumbling he decides to give in
Devouring the fish as it melts in his mouth, just so
Nothing left for the hungry gulls or bin

The day passes to night in happy flow
Off to the pub by the sea he sits contentedly
Drinks sink down as the sun sinks low
Oh how what a sight it is to see

He leaves this pub heart fit to burst
Deciding to head back home
But another pub beckons his thirst
As music blares out dulcet tones

So in he goes and listens to the band
Drinking and chatting away
Not realising he tapping his hand
What an end to a perfect day

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