Posted on Jul 15, 2012


Sitting by the Willow tree
He thinks on her everyday
In his mind’s eye, tries to see
But other images do betray

He squints his eyes tighter still
But nothing his way comes
He wants for a moment just to feel
More than the cold summer sun

A gentle breeze sways the tree
Creaking high above
Letting loose a falling leaf
It triggers his lost love

For this the Willow she was born
Her name the same as the tree
It was where she relaxed more
It was where she was conceived

Also it was their first date
A picnic under the Willow’s shade
They both knew then it was fate
They had their lives planned and made

But a few years down the line
Fate stepped in once again
She was just out of sight and time
A car knocked her dead

As he sits under the great Willow
Tears fall down his face, on grass
As he watches their child’s face glow
This his link to his lost past

Posted in: Poetry