No Apologies

Posted on Jul 15, 2012


Let me down you did
Once again
Why did I trust you?
Why did you pretend?

So many lies you told
Over the years
I got used to them
To those false tears

But the last two years
Have been hard
Killing my humanity
Dealing your death card

I’ll trust you no more
I’ll trust no-one now
This is what you did
You think me like a clown

I did so much for you
Never expected owt back
Just the truth and
Your respect, thought I had

No apologies came forward
For what you did and do
Empty words anyway
The same path again you choose

I had high hopes
This time around
But betrayed me again
I hear you now loud

Good luck on your road
That you now tread
It’s one without me
To me you are dead

I wish this wasn’t so…

No apologies…

No making it right…

No happy story…

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