The Troubles

Posted on Jul 14, 2012


I’ve seen these past few days
The troubles haven’t gone away
That Northern Ireland still lives in fear
From those that shed no tears

Sectarian hate the main cause
As I wonder what they fight for
For religion the killer of all good
Controlling the weak as only they could

Then there’s the land to who it belongs
There’s no right answer and no wrong
But being pedantic I say it’s not Irish
They stole it from others with an iron fist

They blame the British for all their woes
But selective memories in what they sew
The truth not important to them at all
They take what they need for Ireland’s call

I side with no-one as I love both lands
The blood of both that runs through my hands
But the ignorance of hate runs through a few
Who don’t want peace at all, this the sad truth

I could go on about historical lies
About who committed what crimes
But moving forward is the only way
To find peace and happier days

For we all bleed the same, have similar dreams
Love our families and friends close we keep
Only religion and politics divide us apart
It’s no wonder we fail for a new start

How can we move forward if we always look back
With hate in our hearts we’ll always lose track
Ignorance and fear control these few
Arguing your point until your face is blue

At the end of the day we have to get on
Too much in this world is going wrong
Such a short time we are her for
This Earth not ours anyway, squatters we are

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