The Lies of Timmy the Tank

Posted on Jul 14, 2012


Timmy is a nice fellow
A good heart and soul
Brave and not yellow
He’s welcomed into the fold

When he shines it’s bright
Brighter than any flame
But when he fails like tonight
He gives himself a bad name

For he lies spinning his web
Like a spider it grows
But fast untangles becoming instead
Under the lies it bows

It’s like he’s two people
One who everyone loves
The other the stupid fool
Who treats everyone rough

The lies of Timmy the Tank
Have far-reaching consequences
For lonely he’ll be these lies we drank
As we’ll all build up protective fences

Why lie Timmy, why lie?
Don’t you realise what you do?
So many with you try
But you still don’t have a clue

The lies of Timmy the Tank
Shall see him alone and lost
For his friends line has drawn a blank
This the lies he told his ultimate cost

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