Been Down This Road Before

Posted on Jul 13, 2012


Been trying to call but no answer
Tried other ways but you don’t hear
Is my voice ever heard I wonder
That the answer is yes I fear

Just over fifteen hours to go
Till we have to be there
But in my heart I know
You’ve let me down once again

For the past seven months now
I have been looking forward to this
But I should know this is how
You ruin a day of perfect bliss

Not for the first time has this been so
More than I can count on my hand
Sometimes been left standing alone
Leaving my thoughts, my mood bad

This was to be a special moment for me
Been through hell for a while as you now
This would’ve given me a moment to be free
But you dealt the hammer blow

Been down this road before
I should now better than to trust
But I try to believe in more
To save my humanity this is a must

But people like you chip away
At my very heart and soul
Turning the bright blue skies to grey
You put me in a hell made-by-you hole

Will I ever trust again?
That’s the question I’ve no answer
For you live your life playing pretend
I move away from all like you as if a cancer

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