Till Tomorrow

Posted on Jul 12, 2012


So much to do in one lifetime
To do none of it would be a crime
But you’re always busy with your day
Leave it till tomorrow is all you say

But tomorrow never comes, never has
As you look back with eyes so sad
At all the things you said you’d do
Years passed by and your dreams too

Trapped in tomorrow but in the now
It’s no wonder you’re never found
Fate and destiny have all but given up
Because you lost self belief, an empty cup

You need to find it once again
To fee yourself from your dingy den
To soar to new heights only dreamed
Maybe from the circle you’ll be freed?

Till tomorrow comes you’ll never know
Too many opportunities have you blown
Time to take a risk, caution to the wind
Only then can you see clearly and finally win

Win or lose you’ll never know
Till tomorrow comes and goes…

Posted in: Poetry