Hero of the Court

Posted on Jul 8, 2012


You may not show many emotions
When you play the hallowed game
As you try to defeat by eradication
The other player who tries the same

For two weeks you fought your heart out
Playing like a tiger in your play
Your heart strong above all the shouts
As each player you did slay

Then the final you did reach
The first on seventy-four years
Determined you were for that crown to reach
But in the end only tears

Beaten by the king of centre court
The greatest that has ever lived
But you were the hero who valiantly fought
In the end the best you heroically did

Well Done Andy Murray for your valiant effort and being in the history books and also the greatest there has ever been, the king of the court, Roger Federer who’s one Wimbledon away from destroying Sampras’s record of 7 wins which I’ve no doubt he shall do.

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