The Isolation of an Outcast

Posted on Jun 30, 2012


Darkening skies on a breezy summers day
Whispers in the wind on his ears do play
The words dance around his ears
Playing on his irrational fears

He grasps at them but disperse do they
Away from him they always fade
Were they his future calling to him?
Or were they his tormentor playing again?

He seeks wisdom from those close to his heart
But set sail they have on a heavy ark
Many say they love him so
But on deaf ears do his words flutter and flow

He fights against his very self
His own daemons come straight from hell
They torment his very being, his soul
From the corners of his darkness they do crawl

More and more within himself he draws
Into a world without direction or cause
He wonders and angers at his self-imposed exile
The isolation of an outcast, no judge, jury or trial

His own sentence of life he has given
By the monsters of his mind was he driven
He prays at false gods he does not believe
Hoping in him that his heart and soul they’ll free

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