British Bashing

Posted on Jun 3, 2012


Today is a day like no other
Three-hundred and fifty years in the making
Where Britain awakes from a slumber
Misery and hardship forgotten for a few days celebrating

Not just to celebrate our Queen
But also what she stands for
Sixty years of her reign
And all that’s passed before

But amongst the cheers and the smiles
A few rumbles and groans do sound
In London and across the miles
Of republicanism but not very loud

Then across the sea a broken voice joins in
To sound out its hatred for Britain and Queen
Yet it’s English the language that they’re speaking
Our TV, Radio and trade in their homes can be seen

Hypocritical grumbles and British bashing aside
From these uneducated ignorant fools
A beautiful happy feeling and love you can’t hide
A respect for a Queen who does this island nation rule

Across the commonwealth and the world
She is much honoured and admired
Flags across the lands are unfurled
As cannon from old Father Thames are fired

The Queen has done me no harm
Or any of my family and friends either
So direct your anger at the politicians
So British bashers think on this
We may have a dark past but gave much more back
You all live in relative safety and bliss
Never moving forward, the future and past for you both black

I’m no patriot, a dangerous game I believe that is
But any day that spreads goodwill and cheer
Is fine by me, so keep away your knife you twist
Whilst the rest of us celebrate with champers and beer

Queen Elizabeth’s II’s Diamond Jubilee June 1-5 2012

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