No-one To Blame But Yourself

Posted on May 29, 2012


You complain that nothing happens
But do you fight your corner?
Do you scream and shout?
Or squander thoughts like a hoarder?

You always leave things to late
Right up to the last minute
Rushing around with stress
Hoping the pieces will finally fit

You lose your partner who grows bored
Tired of your promises and dreams
That never come to fruition
Falling apart at the seams

Days pass into months, then to years
Those thoughts and desires still there
But older now you are and still the same
Is it any wonder no-one cares?

You’ve no-one to blame but yourself
For no achieving what you always wanted
But like a shadow you walk around
Heavy shoulders you’re continually haunted

So do yourself a favour, leave this place
Make a break from your self-imposed gaol
Get the hell out fast, go far away
And live to tell the tale…

Posted in: Poetry