Ancient Ones

Posted on May 28, 2012


*This is about an ancient burial ground where I live but not much is known about it. I’ve researched it and come up with nothing. It’s around 5000 years old and lies forgotten and unnoticed. I find this very sad.

I never noticed you before
Lived here most of my life
But there you are in front of me
Covered by trees, weeds and grass

A fence also blocks you out
A round one rusted and worn
On the fence a small
Plaque dirty with grime

The plaque reads that you’re
A burial ground
From three thousand
Five hundred BC

So old you are yet little
Is known about you
Buried and forgotten
In the misty past

Are you a chieftain or
A warrior of renown
Or a Queen who ruled
This land?

Whoever you were
I think of you always
Living so long ago
In my town

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