Living With Ghosts

Posted on May 21, 2012


Three years passed since he went away
Remembering that darkest day
Taken on wings of haste
Leaving behind a bland taste

Two years since another was taken
Starting by then to feel forsaken
All those he loved so dear
Taken too young, still shed no tears

For he’s forgotten how to cry
To show emotion for those that die
Been alone for so very long
Starting to feel he’s very wrong

His emotions all over the place
Images of the past leave their trace
For living with ghosts is all he does
Won’t talk to anyone, won’t cause a fuss

His life not for the gossip columns either
Catching on like an out of control fever
To fill a void for empty lives
This is why he continues to hide

Living with ghosts is all he does with his days
Living with ghosts is his way
Haunted by the past he sees
Everyday, will he ever be free?

Posted in: Poetry