Posted on May 19, 2012


She sits crying by the harbour lights
Boats bobbing in the darkness
Tears fall unnoticed this night
As she thinks on what to do for the best

She never thought she’d ever be here
All alone and scared
Hoping for the all-clear
A different future she now stares

Frightened of what tomorrow brings
Not knowing where to go
Her family, her friends she can’t ring
It’s best that they don’t know

But deep down she wants to talk
To anyone that will listen
These feelings that are raw
Given to her by life’s treason

A bell rings out on a bobbing boat
As if to call her out and away
To get up and finally go
To see another day

So she gets up to go home
Not wanting to go back
To that empty shell all alone
A future now she can’t have

Crying herself to sleep
She hopes it was just a dream
One that she’ll awake and see
Not a life that could’ve been

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