Forty Today

Posted on May 11, 2012


Forty today
Who knows what it’ll bring
Didn’t think I’d get here
Or would celebrate anything
But forty I have reached
I now see with eyes anew
Time to finally live
Out with those days of blue

A new determination now exists
Where before it had died
The flame had burnt out
The flicker did subside
But of late I have awoken
To new things and ideas
It’s true when you reach forty
It begins again wiping away those fears

So let the games commence
Let a new life begin
Bring it all on
This good stuff glimpsed but never seen
I’m ready now for the adventure
Ready to climb mountains high
I’ve swam with sharks and piranha’s
‘Tis time to break free and fly

Happy Birthday to all those who celebrate today. We’re an eccentric bunch apparently?

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