All Alone Again (Tears Of A Clown)

Posted on May 10, 2012


Another year has gone by
Another year older
Is he any wiser
Has the heart grown colder?
All he knows is it’s fallen apart
This day so special to him you see
Left disappointed by many and all
With others they’d rather be
He sits alone on this big day
Neglected and torn inside
He just wanted his friends with him
But once again they do hide
So all alone again he is
Shouldn’t be surprised at all
This his destiny he knows deep down
It has been his life’s call
So as the day passes by
No candles or pats on the back
He sits all alone, no-one to love
This his life so sad
He goes to bed with a heavy heart
Sadness weighing him down
His usual smile and cheery face
Replaced by the tears of a clown

Posted in: Poetry