Fear Itself

Posted on May 7, 2012


She took on too much recently
That she felt like she’d explode
All she wanted was for this town to leave
But she took on another huge load

So now she resides in her gaol
Wanting evermore to breakout
Even though this is where she hails
It’s nothing for her to shout about

She sees more in life
More than most ever do
But people lose the will to strive
Stuck in conformity by invisible glue

Maybe it’s a fear thing who knows
To make that leap of faith
To take a step into the unknown
To find that inner brave

But fear itself isn’t always to blame
But it does rule the soul
Weighing heavy like a falling rain
Burying you in a hole

So she wonders if she’ll ever leave
To make that move finally
Then from life she can again believe
Then she can be free

Posted in: Poetry