Think Someone’s Trying To Tell You Something?

Posted on May 1, 2012


The fight continues all the time
On this mountains she does climb
As soon as she reaches near the summit
Down she falls, down she plummets

Think someone’s trying to tell you something
Do ya think you can have everything?
Do ya think you’re allowed your dreams
Nothing my sweet is what it seems

Saved all her money for a rainy day
There for a time she can relax and play
But then comes a bill with a wicked smile
Sometimes she thinks she’s standing trial


Frustrated with her laptop she’s been on all day
Lost her temper, tempted to throw the thing away!
Why aren’t thing ever simple for her she thinks
No wonder people turn to alcohol at times to sink


Had enough now, she had enough
She just wants some smooth instead of the rough
But doubt is in the back of her mind
She hope tomorrow it’ll be kind


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