She Ran

Posted on Apr 25, 2012


The following poem is about a young women, Claire Squires who ran the London Marathon for the Samaritans charity organisation in the name of her beloved brother who sadly died in tragic circumstances.
She had one mile to complete the marathon before she collapsed and died. She thought she would raise a thousand pounds or so but now because of this tragedy she has raised £678,572.67 to date and still rising. If you would like to give a small amount then please visit the following website

She ran and ran
Did all she could
Took life by the hand
As we all should

She ran in his name
This woman who lost
Someone special of late
At a terrible cost

So she ran, she climbed
Raised money in his name
Much friendship did she find
In her heart did he stay

Then one day she ran again
The marathon of them all
Thirty years she was by then
When she did fall

Inspired many in a few days
By all she had done
Money and unity poured in great
So many joined in her last run

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