Inner Voice

Posted on Apr 17, 2012


The breeze picks up
This sunny day
Whispering in ears
Many a thing they say
As people shuffle by
Brown-beaten they are
Trapped they feel from
A world that seems far
In many towns
This the same
We only have
Ourselves to blame
But onwards people go
Hands dug deep
Heads bowed down
These lost lambs and sheep
Their inner voice
Tells them many things
But never the answers
They hope to bring
For the inner voice
Has its limits
Whispering softly
From deep in the pits
People cry
Shed many tears
Never revealing
Their hidden fears
Many are ghosts of
Their former selves
Trapped are they
In a living hell
Relationships come
And gone
They turn the sheet
Another sad song
Battered and bruised
These souls are
Brought to heel
And hit very hard
Families broken
Friendships too
Governments play
We suffer through
Life moves on
Nothing changes
Just our ability
To hear inner voices
So listen hard
Listen true
Maybe there’s a
Message important for you

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