The Decision

Posted on Jan 31, 2012


He walks alone
A decision to make
Casting stones
What path to take?

A cold misty morning
Quiet in town
A new era could be dawning
Why does he frown?

Two days for the decision
Two days to make that change
So he tries to envision
His new life by plane or train

He’ll be leaving much behind
Family and friends
But a new one he may find
It could start not end

So the pressure is on
The decision to make
What if the choice is wrong?
Would it him break?

He sits in a graveyard
Amongst squirrels and birds
Thinking ever so hard
Praying for help, unheard

Then a voice beside him says hello
Saying what a beautiful day
He looks up at him, nods, wishing him to go
For a tramp is he, thoughts he stays

”There’s something wrong,” says he
”I’m fine,” he replies
”Why what can the matter be?”
”A weighty decision,” he sighs

”Whatever it is, be calm,” says the tramp
”For snap decisions are never good at all.”
The man looks at him, at the dirty man
He says, ”I just want to do right, not to fall.”

Thinking on faith and fate and eternal plans
He stares at this tramp in filthy rags
”I have no money,” says the man
”I don’t want your money, just to talk,” says tramp

So the man pours his heart out
Tells this strange tramp all
More than he should, it’s all heartfelt
He talks about destiny and its call

Then the tramp looks at him
Clear blue eyes shining in the cold sun
”Go on your journey, you can always come back again
Don’t from a future good hideaway or run…”

These simple words hit him true
From a strange tramp who wanted to talk
So obvious to him now too
This for him was the best ever walk

So he thanks the tramp, gives him a few pound
The tramp tries to give it back, but he’s refused
”Thank you for the talk and answer found,
May you find happiness yourself in your path you choose”

So the man walks away from the land of the dead
Up some steps he pauses to look back
The tramp is gone, disappeared he later said
So happy he met him for he removed a cloud so black

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