Innocence and Hate

Posted on Jan 30, 2012


Innocence is a funny thing
Who defines it?
Who says who is guilty
Many lives are torn and ripped

Some hate countries
A people for what they did
A past full of horror
The future these haters can’t give

A child of four knows nothing
Of hate, of violence, of the past
It’s propaganda and ignorance
That these people have in their hearts

Blood is spilled and an accent hated
For something they didn’t do
Whether twenty years or five hundred
They sing always the same tune

I shed a tear for those who have lost
Their humanity and souls
Who sell them for causes long ‘lost’
To politicians who better know

For it’s they who will benefit most
They who will grow fat with greed
The fighters, the haters will be left
Behind, bitter with a confused need

Time to let go of the past
But never forget what happened too
Education is the tool for a bright future
The pen and words the sword of truth

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