The Big Smoke

Posted on Jan 28, 2012


To the big smoke he went
For a very happy event
But it quickly went sour
As the day passed by the hour

A friend goes away saying he’ll be back
An hour later he’s still waiting sad
For another friend says he’s on his way
To join in the madness, games to play

But neither come back as he sits alone
Worse, his battery dies on his phone
So, no way of contacting either he knows
He sits and waits in hope they show

In a strange pub he does wait
As time ticks on late
A decision he has to now make
Out of the big smoke he’ll break

To the station he does head
Home he decides and to bed
But tempted is he by a train
That heads north to his fate

But something holds him back
So he tries a different tack
Should he head south to be by the sea?
Where for a few hours he can be free

But the train home he does get
This night he just wants to forget
But in a pub he does stop
An old friend he does see, just the job

A girl joins them, a talk she needs
A beautiful person, words she feeds
His night now not so bad
Friends old and new he’s just had

So he walks home with a bite to eat
His bed’s awaiting him to greet
Tomorrow is another day
Plans to make for his destiny and fate

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