The Places I Love

Posted on Jan 26, 2012


I’ve been to places far
Yet been to so few
By plane, train and car
To take away the blues
This land green and pleasant
That I do live
Everywhere new like a present
So many places that give
I walk through mountain passes
Glens and by lochs
Looking at them through misty glasses
As I walk on age-old rocks
I breath in the sea air
As beaches I do go
Watching the waves I do stare
To me this is home
Cities and large towns not for me
Madness and loss there does exist
Full of senseless insecurity
The city I don’t miss
But some do I like
Those that have soul
Not ones with false pride
Money their only goal
Small harbour towns are my heart
Boats a-bobbing on the water
Those places to me a new start
No cut-throat city slaughter
Dublin, Cork and Edinburgh too
These cities are fine by me
Kilkenny, Brighton and York rule
These places I can feel free
But it’s Kinsale, Dingle and Ullapool
That has stolen my soul
I feel at home there, a pirates haul
That makes me feel so whole
Politics and religion are of no concern
Just the peace they bring to me
So many go from this learn
Maybe then they can be free?

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