Posted on Jan 12, 2012


She looks out at the sunset
Orange across the horizon
It splits where the sky and earth met
A wonder of nature is on

She thinks on nature’s beauty
And all it has to hold
That most don’t appreciate to be
At one with it even in the cold

Tears of happiness fall from her face
As the sunset melts into the land
She sees its gently fall with grace
She can almost reach it with her hand

All the hate and violence she reads
In the papers and on the television
Upsets her so in their pursuit for greed
And their nasty evil mission

The shallowness of people saddens her
Their politics worst of all
They see nothing but a blur
Nature and beauty to them for fools

For money and power is their love
Their calling on this earth
A new railway route to them is a must
Cutting through nature’s beauty, cries unheard

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