Eighties Child

Posted on Jan 4, 2012


A child of the eighties
The music his genre
He loves everything about it
Not this x-factor that’s pits

He loves how inventive
The eighties were
How crazy and punk wise
A flock of seagulls cries

His brother had red spiky hair
A relic from the seventies
Punk was his music he rocked
But the new romantics came and blocked

A girl he knows loves the eighties also
Her music taste more Duran Duran
Girls on film she wanted to be
Little understanding the song meant to be

They both loved the tv, Miami Vice so cool
Phil Collins sometimes in it to
In the air tonight they could sometimes feel
With Crockett and Tubbs, baddies ready to kill

An eighties child these both were
Born in an era or lost inventiveness
People had a passion way back then
They remember so much that will never be again

So they remember now with music and old tv shows
The days when everything seemed okay
Things may’ve been looser in those days
But not much different really they know say

The only difference is that music and tv have changed
Politicians and the problems the create are still the same
So they look back fondly at carefree days
When to them they felt safe to play

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