Shallow Susie Chow

Posted on Jan 3, 2012


Ah Susie, so sweet you can be
But you never notice anyone, your mind won’t allow
You never really see
Too self obsessed dear shallow Susie chow

Money and clothes your fickle fingers caress
Shoes your love as well as anything material
But to be noticed and seen with the rich and the best
The high and mighty, an eye for an easy meal

Is it a princess you wish to be
Carried away on a horse to a castle your dream
But again you don’t really see
For those you chase are insecure, not what they seem

Oh Susie, the big smoke isn’t the answer you seek
The streets aren’t lined with gold
To truly find your dream, learn to be meek
Don’t let the blindness of greed take a hold

For the richness of life is a far greater thing
Money and wealth are immaterial and cold
They offer comfort yes but a false side they bring
But they also take your heart and your very soul

None of us like the nine to five grind
We all dream of better things on this earth
Of something magical we hope to find
But the journey there is where we all must learn

So don’t look to lawyers or any other fat-cat
Don’t mix with those who are false with ideals
Or you’ll be left alone from falling in that trap
And your heart won’t be open for anyone to steal

I’ll be thinking of you our Susie Chow
As will others who wish you the best
Don’t lose yourself in shallow depths now
Move away from that path, don’t be like the rest

We believe in you Susie chow
And always will do you know
Don’t fall by the wayside or ground
We’ll pick you if so

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