The Last Day

Posted on Dec 31, 2011


A quiet start to the day new
The last day of the year for me and you
Grey and drab in its way
Half will stay in, half will play

For some, they’ll be alone
Just another day that comes and goes
For others excitement for a new year
To start again and live without fear

A party of five readies itself
Not for them to tighten their belts
At home they drink before they go out
Then head to a pub, then club before twelve

Some head to watch the fireworks go bang
Or listen to the church bells as they sang
Heralding in the new year once again
And those resolutions they steadfastly defend

Some head to bed before the bells ring
Before the craziness of the noise they bring
Some hope for a magic to find
In streets alive with madness and life

Families spend time together
Friends and strangers too, more the merrier
Some hope for romance this night
Some just want to be away and hide

So this last day, spend it well
Be happy, be brave, stories, please tell
Keep those dreams alive and fresh
Make a wish this night and do your best

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