Here We Go Again…

Posted on Dec 25, 2011


A family in the far north
Celebrate Christmas well
Presents and happy faces
Drink, food, stories to tell

But down in the far south
On a cold twenty-fifth
One family torn apart
Some turn to drink

Another on the west coast
Come together for the feast
Presents are swapped happily
Their day is a breeze

Over on the east coast
A family mixed emotions
One of them stubborn and angry
Apart from his relations

On an island off the mainland
Families come together
They celebrate all loved and lost
Their closeness won’t be severed

One lonely man, sits in his room
His anger he won’t pretend
At those he did for good
”Here we go again,” he said

Some wish the day to be other
For it brings much bad
On a day of forgiveness
They feel alone and sad

It takes a brave person
To forgive and forget
But some too stubborn
Their ideals are far too set

Here we go again
Here we go again
The season to forgive
The season to forget
Stupid stubborn anger
Here we go again…

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