The Excited Child

Posted on Dec 24, 2011


Christmas eve is here at last
No ghosts in this house from Christmas past
The excited child cannot wait
He’s gonna stay up till late

But try as he might, he falls asleep
And not from him a little peep
Suddenly a sound wakes him up
The sound of bells from above

So tired he cannot move
But awake he tries, the skies his view
Something moves upon the roof
Many noises of sounds like hooves

He’s not sure though what he’s heard
As his heart beats fast at what it infers
Then a noise comes down the stairs
From where he’s left cookies, milk and a pear

He jumps from bed as quietly as he can
Sneaks down the steps, but nearly he ran
As he approaches the living room door
He wonders for him what’s in store

A light so bright shines from the room
So close now, so nearly soon
He opens the door slowly to see inside
Heart now hammering at what he may find

Then he swings it open in a flash
Looking at the tree and the magical stash
A light shines brighter than he can see
In the middle of the room by the tree

Then in a moment it has gone
A ho ho ho, flash of red and he’s now alone
A warm happy feeling comes over him
The milk, cookies and pear gone, but presents did he bring

He rushes up the stairs and looks out the window
A happy site does he see, his cheeks glow
For up in the sky is a reindeer and sleigh
A man in a red suit does smile and wave

The boy falls asleep happy and warm
The exited child’s dreams have been reborn
For Father Christmas came to see him so
He’ll never stop believing, he’ll never grow old

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