Taken Flight

Posted on Dec 11, 2011


People rush around in Christmas madness
Pushing, shoving each over away
So much bad feeling and utter rudeness
All for gifts too, but for one special day

The young woman weaves through the throng
Avoiding as many people as she can
She wants to be out of this craziness that’s wrong
Christmas she’s not really a fan

There’s a man not far from her equally mad
Frustrated with all the bad attitudes
It makes him so very sad
That people can be so angry and rude

No cheer here for these two people
The shallowness of the season not lost
All they want is a day happy and simple
But it seems it always comes with a cost

Suddenly they both snap in frustration
Catching each others eye in the chaos
A smile crosses their faces in unison
And they shrug and leave the packed out shop

Taken flight they walk away
She to a cash-point, a decision to make
He to the pub, for the rest of the day
Where she walks in, that smile again so great

So the day ends in something good
Two people met in the madness of Christmas
This the magic of the season that should
Always be the reason, not the curse

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