Posted on Dec 8, 2011


Inspiration is a funny thing
You either have it or you don’t
When you do, so much it can bring
A wealth of knowledge to your home

Creative types rely on this so much more
It’s their life-force that they need
It for them opens so many doors
Without it they would bleed

A chef creates a meal worthy of a King
But the following day no ideas he will have
Too many in this field do compete
Originality is hard for him, he tries so bad

A writer tries just as hard, if not more
For ideas don’t come as easy
For them it’s a different law
Like the Chef to come up with something amazingly meaty

From a new place to live, to start again
To where you go next in your life
Inspiration can be heaven-sent
But usually it’s time you bide

So have a little faith in yourself
And that in which you believe
Soon inspiration will come to help
And fulfil your every need

Posted in: Poetry