Posted on Dec 7, 2011


He listens, sure he heard something
Whispers in the wind
He turns his head, heard his name
Those whispers by his ear

Whispers fly across the land
To those that listen
Across the mountains they do glide
Like wraith’s without a home

The whispers look for those
That need them wide and far
Surfing on the waves
Their song does louder grow

Whispers here, whispers there
Does anyone truly hear
Does anyone really listen
These ghost voices wandering

A girl on a train is heading home
Nodding off to sleep
A whisper does to her come
Her dreams out of reach

A man has given up on his future
He decides to be a slave
The system where he belongs
He doesn’t hear the whisper

Listen hard, listen clear
To that lost voice
Disembodied, lost, searching
For you, this whisper so belongs

Posted in: Poetry