Posted on Sep 1, 2011


See the clouds the way they change colour
I wanna fly, meld in them and wallow
To be a part of nature’s beauty
Before I’m ended a rabid do, shoot me

See the mountains rising high to the stars
They reach as high as the clouds and Mars
To climb them would be a feat most high
This spirit need a kick start to try

See the sea the way it moves so graceful
Yet like the mountains and clouds, beautiful
The waves lap up at your feet
A happiness and freedom they do greet

See the trees they do sway
In harmony and grace I do say
The leaves to grow and in autumn they fall
In natures beauty they so enthrall

See the wolf in the wild
As one with the earth, natures child
Mothers perfect protectors she does know
Through sun, rain, wind and winters snow

But see the ‘black sheep’ that is man
Who builds, goes to war and so destroys the land
Mother had so much hope for them
But it’s not meant to be for these men

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