To Bon Jovi or Not To Bon Jovi, That is the Absolute Question?

Posted on Jun 30, 2011


This post is a few days late but hey I’ve only just recovered from two days of madness, mayhem and fantastic music.

Saturday June 25th was headlined by the now legendary Bon Jovi who I’ll always go and see whenever I can. The thing was though that I was struggling to get hold of tickets and by the Friday I was downhearted  as it was a complete sell out. How on earth was I going to get hold of two tickets for me and a friend who had taken the day off work especially to come with me. I was panicking slightly, but thought deep down that this wasn’t meant to be. At around five in the Afternoon though I was listening to Absolute Radio, the fantastic British rock station that I’ve been listening to since it’s days as Virgin Radio back in the late 90’s.

They had a competition going for the last four tickets to go see them and had been running this competition  for two weeks. I just didn’t have luck on my side and for the past few days previous to the open air concert I pretty much gave up and as I have said previously, was trying to buy them. This competition came up though and I thought to myself why the hell not, that it’s worth a bash? So when the time came to ring the station to answer the question, I rang in. The phone rang and rang and rang. It clicked through, I heard voices and it continued to ring again for what felt like forever when suddenly a woman’s voice came on. ”Hello, you’re through to Absolute Radio” came the soft voice. Suddenly for some reason I became nervous! Why was I nervous? People are people and nothing to fear. Pull yourself together I thought to myself. She asked me if I knew the answer to the question which i dually gave her. She asked me to hang on the phone after a brief chat. She sounded nice I thought. She came back on to tell me she was putting me through to someone else. What was happening I thought? Had I won? I felt like I was going through some police process or something. The nerves continued to shred a little.

The man asked me for the answer again and how big a fan I was. ”HUGE,” came the reply from a by now complete wreck that was me! He asked me to hang fire for a bit, then he came back on and said that I would be line number one. We chatted for a bit then he said I would be left with the radio playing in my ear and with that he wished me luck. After about tw0 songs, some adverts, me walking back and forth wearing out the carpet, the voice of the DJ came to my ear announcing that he was going to select a line and a possible winner. I’m thinking all sorts of things, my hands slightly shaking when I hear my name. Ben Jones, A DJ Who has long been with Absolute asked me a few things, said I sounded nervous and I replied I was that yes I knew I’d left it late but had been trying for two weeks and didn’t know if my mate could go until that day.  After the short chat, the question came.

What was the last tour called that Bon Jovi did?” I almost snapped his hand off with my reply before he had even finished the question, ”The Circle Tour!” I replied. At that he congratulated me and said have a fantastic time.  I couldn’t believe it! I had won at the very last minute when all hope seemed lost. I couldn’t believe my luck at that moment in time. Did anyone I know hear me on the radio? I could only imagine how much of a nervous idiot I sounded but I didn’t care. I’d won!

I was given back to the two previous people who I had spoken to. They congratulated me and made arrangements for me to pick them up the following morning, the day of the festival at the Absolute Radio Reception. To me that door is as holy as St James’s Gate, the home of Guinness, itself.

The moral of this story. Never give up. Never lose hope and have faith in yourself and the possibilities that life can offer you because good things can happen to those that believe in themselves.

Thanks again to Absolute Radio, Ben Jones, and the two lovely people that I spoke to and one of whom I met the following morning.