Blog no. 1/Intro

Posted on Mar 3, 2011


Well this is my first proper blog on my first long overdue webpage which I’m sure will change over the next few weeks and months to something stronger. It’ll evolve to something that I want but for now, this is it so what am I going to talk about?

I’m sitting at my desk with the French Open on next to my laptop and a view out of my window of a cut-up countryside that has a bypass swathing through it to my left. I’m thinking of the amount of money spent on things like the bypass that is rarely used, which could be used on things like taking the homeless off the streets and housing them, giving them jobs and a new start, reintroducing them into society. Yes, we’re told there’s no money, the coffers are empty yet the other day on the news quite a few pennies were said to be spent on building these two behemoths of the sea.

Around £5 billion pounds to be exact, yet they won’t be ready till around 2018. Now don’t get me wrong, we need to keep our defences up to scratch but couldn’t the old ones just be ‘souped’ up a bit saving us a hell of a lot of money in the process?
I walk past derelict buildings everywhere that haven’t been lived in for years or are knocked down, an empty space left in the wake, new builds are then put up for people who can’t afford them. In the town where I unfortunately live, 2-4 grade two listed buildings have fallen to this fate all in the need for ‘progress’. One of them an old coaching inn that the tyrant King Henry VIII stayed in on a number of times was torn down to build the new part of the town centre but 10 years passed until it was eventually built. Centuries of history knocked down in days for a horrible shopping complex.

In a world where everything is disappearing from us either from economical or environmental problems I think we have to get our priorities right.Too many fingers in too many pies will eventually lead to chaos. Just look at the average person on the street as you go by. A lot of us are disillusioned, angry and close to breaking point.
Isn’t it time a radical change happened where the people are actually listened to? The recent Political Landscape shows us that we have had enough. I’m not saying it is going to be easy but our leaders are so out of touch with the people that they may as well live on Pluto like the Mickey Mouse fools that they are.

Money is wasted on a lot of things we don’t need, on wars we shouldn’t get involved in, on those we ‘elect’ that do nothing for us only themselves. Change is long overdue but the people just go about their business, heads down, worrying about debt, jobs and other problems, as is the British way.

We’ve lost our fight a very long time ago, now slaves to the system.

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