Does Anyone Know?

Athens Protest Riots
Picture courtesy of

Does anyone know what’s happening today?
I read the paper, someone got shot
Another statistic in a world gone mad I say
gotta put things right before we rot

People don’t seem to care anymore
about what happened to the old woman in the street
They just turn the page over, reading the score
until it happens to them, becoming solid, concrete

It’s about time people opened their eyes and ears
to see all that’s happening in front of them
To take action so no more tears
to end the fear they have, to make it safe again

A stand we should make, until we’re noticed
so go gather your relatives and friends
Let us show the masters how it is
let the message spread, time to defend

I hope to god it all ends soon
so we can live in peace, enjoy our lives
Not live it like a sick cartoon
always on the lookout for the hoodies and knives

For it’s like an cancer, affecting us all
cutting a swathe through society
Its smile twisted and cruel
not hearing the innocent pleas

Governments turn a blind eye
to what is going on
Not accepting responsibility
for mistakes they made, gone wrong

No gods hear their cries
or screams of help and hope
The words carried by the wind, they fly
as below the people blindly grope

It can only end badly
if something isn’t done soon
None shall be free
under this heavy cloud that looms

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