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Oxford Pub guide

Sep 17, 2014


I went to Oxford a couple of weeks ago and this is a short list of some of the pubs we visited if you ever go to that wonderful city. Please bear in mind that there are only a few on here as much as I would have liked to have visited more. Another time […]

News Reviews 3

Sep 1, 2013


Ugliest Town in the Britain is… Hemel Hempstead Recently a report in the news named Hemel Hempstead as the ugliest town in Britain. It came from a group called  Crap Towns Returns who do this every year. I had to laugh at this but wasn’t surprised. You see, I was born in the town and […]

Brazen Head Blues

Jun 30, 2013


Ahh, he sighs as he sits in the Brazen Head Dublin’s oldest pub where James Joyce drank it’s said Not a far walk from St James’ Gate Where he’s destined for in fate He sits and drinks the black liquid happily Listening to the band play Irish Rover merrily For the tourists and the happy […]

The Toucan Bar

May 28, 2013


I thought today I would do a review of a pub I use when I venture into London. I was going to do this a month ago when I was briefly there but time as always got away from me so here goes. Now, I rarely go to London these days for to be frank, […]

Kinsale, Ireland Review.

May 4, 2013


Originally posted on russellskitchen:
Today’s post is brought to you by my good friend Darren Greenidge from Caliburnus Rises. Kinsale, Ireland by Darren Greenidge Hello there. My good friend Russ aka Tony Soprano to his friends, asked me to write a guest piece on his blog so I decided as his is a food blog…

London, The Tourist Trap

Sep 6, 2011


First up, London is a city that I have a love/hate relationship with and probably always will do. I’ve been going there on and off for years so feel I can fill the traveller in on a few things. It’s huge, dirty and smelly. Beggars are everywhere and it can be hard to tell who […]

Portsmouth’s Historic Dockyard

Aug 1, 2011


Now I’ve been wanting to go here since I was a kid which was the last time that I went and fuelled my interest in the Napoleonic era. I couldn’t wait to get on the ships, especially the famous and beautiful HMS Victory that has inspired so many and so much over the last two […]