If Only I had a Time Machine

Posted on Aug 22, 2015


Tardis Picture courtesy of BBC

Picture courtesy of BBC

I sit typing my life away
Dreaming of all I could be
Looking back on my past
As far as the mind can see

I shake my head in sadness
At all that has gone on by
Many opportunities wasted
It’s no wonder inside I cry

What with bills to pay, food on the table
An old-fashioned way of life I lead
Not through choice initially
My family planted the seed

I wonder on alternative me’s
Think on how they fare
Wonder if they’re better off
Or worse than my thoughts dare

This though a road to madness
Something I definitely fear
Could this be my life
Screaming when no one hears

If only I had a time machine
Oh how I would start afresh
Or make changes for the better
Instead of this holy mess

Anyone who says otherwise
To me lies through their teeth
For I think all would be well
As it is meant to be

Oh for that time machine
A madman in a box
To whisk me off to my past
To find what is lost…

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