White Bones by Graham Masterton (Katie Maguire: Book 1)

White Bones: Katie Maguire Series (Book 1) Picture courtesy of www.waterstones.com
White Bones: Katie Maguire Series (Book 1) Picture courtesy of http://www.waterstones.com

White Bones is book one of the Katie Maguire series of crime novels set in the beautiful city of Cork and the surrounding county in the South West of Ireland featuring Detective Superintendent Katie Maguire pursuing extremely violent criminals who try to make her life harder than it already is.

I stupidly started with book two (Broken Angels) first and found it strange to be reading about characters that are no longer in Katie Maguire’s world for various reasons or another.

This one starts with eleven skeletons being found on a farm that have ritualistic elements about their remains not to mention that the flesh was removed from the bones hence the title of the story. To make it more complex these bodies dare back to 1915 and then a modern killer strikes matching exactly the same method used as before.

What follows is a race against time to try and find the killer before more and more bodies turn up and Katie has to do this whilst juggling her personal life along with the political elements that surround the case and her job.

I loved Broken Angels and this, White Bones is extremely good too. Graham Masterton is a horror writer of the highest calibre so you can imagine the crimes committed here which are very graphic. I am used to it through many other authors as well as Masterton himself but I must admit I have been a bit squeamish at some of the murders in these books and yet I am hooked!

It is in part that I love Cork and its people as well as Ireland itself. Masterton writes with dark humour and flair and has captured the people of Cork perfectly making me yearn to move back to Ireland even more every day, something I intend to do in a few short years.

All the characters are pretty much believable as their personalities jump out of the pages reminding me of people I have met there. As for the areas he describes, whether it be in the city of Cork itself or over in Cobh, I pretty much recognise most of his descriptions from going over their on many occasions. There is one pub in the current book I am reading of his (Red Light) that stands out in my mind very much for I have been there on many occasions. It sits opposite the Beamish Brewery and is a very friendly bar and yes, it does a perfect pint of Beamish too!

I cannot recommend these books highly enough. Just be warned that they can be graphic though so be warned if you are of faint of heart! This is now another series I am hooked on along with Phil Rickman’s Merrily Watkins and James Oswald’s Tony McLean amongst the few whose worlds I inhabit at the moment. It is hard work being a bookworm! Personally I love them and will stick with Katie Maguire until she is no more…

Read, buy, enjoy and please try to buy from your local bookshop before buying online.

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