Doctor Who: Time Heist Review

Doctor Who - Time Heist Picture courtesy of
Doctor Who – Time Heist
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Written by Steven Moffat and Stephen Thompson and directed by Douglas Mackinnon, episode five of season eight starts off with the Doctor taking a call from his Tardis, a number hardly anyone has in the universe. Intrigued, he answers the call much to Clara’s annoyance as she is on her way out on a date and the next thing they know they are elsewhere sitting at a table with two strangers in a locked room with large worm-like creatures in their hands and on another planet.

Memories have been wiped and they have a case with their plans in it. Also, the Tardis has disappeared. They have no idea why they are there until they open the case and a mysterious shadowy figure called the Architect explains their mission without telling them what is at the other end of it or what exactly it is they are after.

The Doctor, Clara and the two others, Saibra (Philippa “Pippa” Bennett-Warner), a Shapeshifter and the other, Psi (Jonathan Bailey), conveniently a bank robber, are asked to rob the high security Bank of Karabraxos that no-one has ever broken into or escaped from.

But in their way is a huge creature called The Teller who is the ultimate security guard and is imprisoned in a glass box where his powers of mind reading are dimmed and only let out when their are suspected criminals on the premises.

As the team are on their way to rob it the bank, the Manager Ms Delphox; played by the brilliant Keeley Hawes, brings in The Teller, a being capable of reading guilt in the minds of others and wiping minds and turning brains to literal mush.

They use a time dimensional shift bomb to blow through a lift that closes after as I they hadn’t been there as well as other tools left to them by the Architect.

Clara as ever is the conscience of the group and questions everything but is as excited about the bank robbery as everyone else.

The Time Heist by Stuart Manning
The Time Heist by Stuart Manning
Twitter: @stuart_manning

One by one they are hunted as they near their missions end, two choosing an extraction injection instead of death by The Teller.

They are each given a personal gift by the Architect but the Doctor does not know what his is until he reaches the private vault and the owner Madame Director Karabraxos.

And then comes the twist in the tale and it is a good one.

This series just gets better and better and is one of the best episodes yet. It had everything and was a true Doctor Who episode. The Doctor is still hard-nosed, knowing he has to be for what is to come if he is to find Gallifrey.

The relationship between Clara and the Doctor just gets stronger and stronger with each episode and the chemistry between the two is brilliant.

I have a feeling the series is just going to get better with time under Capaldi’s tenure as the Timelord and will be remembered as a classic era for generations to come.

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