She doesn’t give a damn anymore

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She sits there with ears open
Listening to all your troubles and woes
Hearing your frustrations and anger
In your voice, that your life has no flow

She listens with no judgement on her tongue
To all you tell her, heart laid bare
And doesn’t criticize your choices made
Or your criticisms of others unfair

Even when you rail against her
Of all she’s achieved of late
Your anger like a teenager confusion reigns
An anger you need to sate

She used to care what others thought
From people like you did she respect
But one too many things have pushed her far
And no longer will she be a little insect

She doesn’t give a damn anymore
About what you think of her
You can keep your insecurity and negativity
Away from the future she so now sees

Why oh why do you continue to be this way?
Why do you rant at us all?
Why is it you put people down, finding fault
In something they are doing for a higher call?

It’s never too late to make amends
Whatever it is you need to do
You just have to have some faith and belief
Not take it out on those that care for you

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