Oh Albion I think on you
What it would’ve been like
to know you

You were great
Stood tall and
fought against hate

But you were
conquered sadly
By many we learned

Born was England and
Britain too
From the ashes of you

Great Kings and Queens
we once had
Some good, some bad

Legend of Albion
Was Arthur the bear
Once and future King say some

Albion now a fable
As if a dream
In Britain I live unstable

Oh Albion I wish
for your days
Oh Albion, rise through the mist!

Come to our rescue!
Come save us all!
Oh Albion, we need you!

2 thoughts on “Albion

    1. Thank you. Wasn’t sure how this would turn out. Had the idea for months just sitting there so I gave it a go today. May do a follow up to it, play around with the idea of Albion a bit more. Even do a short story or novel possibly as have ideas for that too. Mmm…

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