We’re Not All The Same

You slate our people
for past misdeeds
For ones that continue
These your misguided beliefs
You believe in freedom
Yet your beliefs imprison you
Chain you all in false ideal
Forgetting what is true

Blood has been spilled
By both sides
All for a piece of land
In which we’re both blind
The truth is it belongs
To neither of us
Least of all you
But you hide behind the truth

As for ‘my’ people
The ones who you were born to hate
You generalise far too much
We’re not all the same
The person on the street
Doesn’t give a damn
They’re too busy trying to live
Politics to them is bland

Time to learn your history
And to re-evaluate your ideals
For when you get what you want
You’ll then see what is real
Nothing is black and white
But blinded by propaganda you are
Take a fresh hard look
Maybe then can the few go far

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