The Mad Week

The mad week is fast approaching
Full of chaos and people moaning
Shops are full, as people rush around
Finding last minute gifts all over town

People rush this way and that
Some looked confused where they’re sat
Others look mean, ready for war
Others just don’t know if they can take anymore

Too much pressure just for one day
It’s work upon work with no play
But briefly for that one day to be
An hour or two people are free

Smiley little faces make it worthwhile
Seeing happiness in that small child
In adults too all can be good
With drink, games and song, also lots of food

But all the preparation and hard work does end
All the madness and chaos and money spent
Finishes with a sigh like a dream
Normality comes back fast it always seems

So this year take it easy, don’t go mad
The week to follow is enough bad
Take a deep breath and concentrate hard
Make it good, because the next one is not off far

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