November Rain

Posted on Nov 3, 2011


So November rain it does fall
On his head from heaven does it pour
Washing away the past from him
The days , the weeks, his wayward sins

He passes through it all in a slow gait
Invisible to all, he walks his own fate
The raindrops fall of his hat in a reluctant descent
He watches them with sadness as they fall, to descend

His slow footsteps in the puddles splash on his jeans
As people rush past for cover, oblivious to other things
He closes his eyes for a moment as he stops
Letting the rain wash over him, by a window of a shop

He moves off again in a zombie state
Paid no attention by the tourists and the late
Lost in a city that cares for no-one
Except for money and poor it bleeds from

Would he be missed he wonders if he disappeared?
Would anyone worry or would they cheer?
So easy really to just up and go
Enough for a fare and a room, all he needs for now

His emotions are confused and torn inside out
No-one to talk to, or to scream at and shout
Always for him it has been this way
He now knows that it will be like this all his days

The November rain continues its relentless downfall
As he walks unnoticed by one and all
Around a corner does he turn in his daze
Down a tube station he walks down, no backward glance this day

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